Ankita Aggarwal

Executive Director
Skywalk Entertainment


About Ankita Aggarwal

Understand the Mission, the Purpose ,or the Point of the event

Being the Director of Skywalk Entertainment , Every successful event has a primary purpose or mission, accompanied by goals and objectives , which are the measurements of success. Understanding the purpose / mission of the event leads to good planning and appropriate allocation of resources. Increasing Performance Ultimately , visionary leadership is about increasing performance. Anticipating and influencing the future enables you to position your organization in the best possible way to achieve the results you are looking for.

Being successful doesn’t come easy it takes a lot of faith, hard work, dedication, focus, and sacrifices like waking up early, but what is success? Well it’s not up to me, what do you think success really is and how will you change your future? Always be grateful for every person or situation that comes to you. Remember, the wins are to be celebrated and the losses are lessons and opportunities to learn and grow.

Ankita Aggarwal in Focus

Manish Sahdev with Bollywood Celebrities
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Manish Sahdev with Bollywood Celebrities

Ankita Agarwal with Bollywood Celebrity
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Ankita Agarwal with Bollywood Celebrity

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